If your looking for dog beds then don’t just consider cheap dog beds as your likely to end up getting one and then a few weeks later it will need to be replaced because its not actually that good and so therefore it will end up costing you more in the long run.

Consider investing a little time in researching and make sure that you only have to shell out once on a dog bed. Consider all the different products of dog beds as there are many to choose from so keep reading and hopefully this post will give you a better idea.

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Why Choose A Dog Bed?

There are a couple of reasons why you should get a dog bed and if your actually a dog lover then you probably just want your dog to be happy and relaxed so getting them a bed to sit or lie on will definitely keep them calm.

Dogs spend most of their days either laying or sitting and by choosing a dog bed it will keep them comfortable. Puppies and older dogs may get problems from lying on hard floors all day long, so letting them stay on a dog bed helps to prevent joint and leg problems.

Also if you want your dog off your furniture then consider a nice comfortable dog bed for your dog so they actually want to stay off your furniture and are more likely to stay on their own doggy bed.


Easy Maintenance Dog Beds

If you get a dog bed that’s for a puppy then the chances of an accident are pretty strong so being able to change the dog bed will need to be easy.

You will probably need one that has a cover you can take off and wash. Maybe even machine washable. You can also get dog beds that are waterproof which is always a good idea.

Another good dog bed is one that doesn’t attract mud or leave stains, so choose one that repels dirt.

A good dog bed should also be easy to move, and can be used outdoors. If you’re the sort of dog owner who takes their dogs everywhere then consider a lightweight bed.


Quality Of The Dog Bed

Quality plays a massive part, as what is the point of getting a cheap dog bed if your dog refuses to use it? Consider the different materials of dog beds. Also consider the different sizes as its no good getting a large dog bed if you only have a Chihuahua or likewise if you get a small dog bed only for a Great Dane to sit in it. It’s not fair on the dog so choose wisely.

Some dog beds don’t come with any dog bedding so make sure you also get the right type of bedding to go with it, this will really help your dog come to love his new bed.


Different Types Of Dog Beds


memory foam dog bedMemory Foam Dog Mattress Bed

You may even have one of these for yourself so you know that they are good. These provide good support, they are comfortable and molds to your dog providing them a great nights sleep. Choose one that has a cover that’s removable for easy cleaning.

Snug has 2 of these mattresses one for her bed and one that is used for her traveling.

Sheepskin Mattress Dog bed

sheepskin dog bedIf your not too fussed about real animal skin the choosing a sheepskin mattress can provide your dog a really good place to lay on. The good thing about sheepskin is that it provides warmth in the winter and keeps them cool in the summer. Most sheepskin mattresses will also repel both dirt and liquids making it quite easy to keep clean.

Donut Dog Bed

donut dog bedThese are probably the most popular dog beds on the market and as such come with massive competition therefore you can get one that will match your home and also keeps the price low while keeping the quality high.

Donut dog beds are designed to create a soft enclosure and comes in all different materials from plastic, soft bedding, lift out cushions, memory foam inserts and many more.

They also come in all different sizes so you can be sure that your dog will have the right one.


Oval Or Square Dog Beds

oval dog bedThese beds are good for keeping in certain areas of your home as they look nice, they have the same fillings as the donut beds.

Our Snug has a square one that has a soft cover and can be removed so that it can be washed easily. It’s probably a little big for her though but she does spend most of her days just chilling on it so I guess she is happy with it.

Waterproof Dog Beds

waterproof dog bed blueA good dog bed for dogs that love to get wet, muddy on a regular basis, then you should consider getting a waterproof dog bed. These have special materials that can be cleaned and wiped easily and the dirt just comes away. The same sort of materials that are in dog car seat covers. They also are extremely comfortable and also keep your pet warm from the cold and drafts if you choose the one that has high walls.

Wooden Dog Beds

designer dog bedThese are wooden dog beds that are off the floor but have a nice bed on top. These really look appealing and stylish and considered more as designer dog beds.

Wicker Dog Beds

wicker dog bedsThese are probably the oldest type of dog beds and do look nice but are probably more for people who have a cottage sort of feel. You can get these with and without dog covers so with these you will still need to choose a soft bedding to go in it.


Cost of Dog Beds

Now taking in all the different materials and different sizes you can spend around £5-£6 for a standard dog bed and for a luxury one that has all the bells and whistles over £100.

We have bought Snug dog beds that were £10 and they lasted a few weeks as they started falling apart. The square one we have now cost us around £45 and for Snug who always plays, trains and chews on it, yet its still in excellent condition.


I would definitely recommend not going for the cheapest dog bed and making sure that they dog bed you do choose has the right dog bedding so that your dog is comfortable and looks semi-decent in your home.

There really is a lot to choose from when choosing a dog bed, so hopefully by writing this guide it has helped somewhat. If I have missed any dog beds or you feel I can add more information please leave a comment below and I will continue to update this post so that it becomes a helpful guide for others who need help.