This trick “teach your dog to spin and backup between your legs” looks quite advanced but looks like you have amazing control of your dog but if you break down the steps it’s really easy to do and your dog will have no problem spinning and backing up between your legs and in no time at all.

Teach Your Dog To Spin And Backup Between Your LegsI wrote 2 previous articles on each of the steps you need your dog to learn first so click the links below to be taken to the articles where you can learn the basic steps to this move first.

How To Teach Your Dog To Backup
How To Teach Your Dog To Spin

Once your dog can do the backup and spin then its time to put them together.

Step 1

Use some treats and a clicker if you like or use your dog’s currency, what they love the most.

Step 2

Stand with your legs apart and then ask your dog to “Spin”, when they get half way around simply say “Backup” your dog should then start walking backwards between your legs.

Step 3

Repeat the steps again and again so that your dogs get used to the command and know what is being asked of them. Start rewarding less and less and try to get them to do the trick through your legs both forward and backwards by simply turning your head when they have gone through once.


Your dog must know how to backup and spin, once they have mastered these then simply asking spin and backup will be easy.

If your dog can’t do spin and backup then this trick will be a little hard to master.

You may need to move into position with your legs as sometimes your dog may backup a different way. So the 1st few times it may look like you’re the one doing the trick and not your dog.

After a few tries of your dog going through your legs they should start to do it right. It took Snug 2 sessions before she learned what to do about 20 minutes or so.

Sometimes Snug will do the trick and sit between my legs so I simply ask her for another backup and she will do it.

Some people actually prefer that the dog spins, backups and sits between their legs as it look like they have complete control of their dog.

This trick and all other dog tricks become easier the more times you do them, just remember to start with the basic steps and gradually increase them to the finished trick. Be patient and offer lots of encouragement, treats and be fun.