This a fun trick and would be classed as an easy trick. Some dogs will do it all day, as they like to chase their tails. Teach your dog to spin will also relieve mental exercise and teaching while calm will make this trick fun for both you and your dog or young puppy.

teach your dog to spinIts also a dog trick that has lots of names like spin, twirl, round, chase tail, and left and right so choose a name you like and stick with it so its easier for the dog to master.

Teach Your Dog To Spin – What You Will Need :

  • Treats or Toys – use treats your dog loves so they can follow them easily or use their favorite toys.
  • Clicker – see my clicker training article here
  • Fun – be patient and keep it fun so your dog doesn’t get bored
Warning – try not to do this session after your dog has eaten as you don’t want them getting too dizzy and throwing up.

Step 1

Click and reward – just click and give them a treat so they know training is about to begin. I usually do this with 2-3 treats.

Step 2

Get a piece of turkey, or whichever item you chosen and let them sniff it so they want it. Then keep it close to their mouths, start moving it around so they have to turn to follow it. They should instantly follow the treat so they perform a spin. If you find you are losing them or they are stopping after half a spin, you can click and reward for the half spin and then do it again. Keep repeating it until they can perform a full spin.

Tips – if your dog isn’t interested in the food your using, it’s not tasty enough, up your rewards with small bits of cheese, chicken or other food items. Or use toys they love and start a game of tug to get them interested in the toy first.

Step 3

Once they can follow the treats all the way around and are getting the hang of it then start to introduce hand signals and a command.

When they are starting to spin you can say “spin” “twirl” or what command you choose. Keep repeating this a few more times so they start learning the command.

For the action you want to spin your hand around before they start the move so they know what the command means. I recommend that once they know they command then use the hand signal. I find it easier that way and quicker for the dog to learn the right signals.

Step 4

Start rewarding less so that they have to spin a few times before they get a treat.

You can teach your dog to spin right first then move onto the left side and gradually get them to spin lots. Once they are comfortable doing spins inside then move outside and then to more distracting environments.

If you find your dog can’t do a certain step revert back to the previous steps and remember to be patient and ask yourself if you asked them the right step to do.

Now that you have taught your dog how to spin and if you followed the previous article on how to get your dog to back up your finally ready for the more advanced dog trick how to spin and backup between legs”.