This post and video follows on from the last one where I showed you how to teach your puppy to give paw.

If you managed to teach your dog to give paw then this trick teach puppy to high five is even more impressive and you can wow your friends and other people who you just met.

Lots of people when the see Snug “say can she give paw?” which I respond and show them the High Five. Not only are they impressed but I also tell them that it’s one of the easiest tricks to learn and show them how it’s done.

You Will Need:

Praise or Clicker
Dog or Puppy

Start in a quiet area where your puppy can focus on you, there shouldn’t be any distractions to start with. Once they learn how to high 5 then you can gradually do this trick with distractions.

Show your puppy or dog the treats and get them interested in them, then either close your palm or make sure they can’t get to them.

teach puppy to high five

Gradually put your palm near their mouths so that they start pawing at them just like when they gave paw. Only you need to make sure your palms are facing them as it’s the easiest way I found when teaching this trick.

If after a few attempts they are using their mouths be patient and wait for them to paw at your hand, they will get the hang of it, then when they are starting to get the hang of it you can start moving your hand to the side slightly.

As long as your palm is facing them and not facing up then your teaching them to high 5.

This trick is just like giving paw but by simply changing the position of your hands it turns it into a different trick.

If your dog or puppy isn’t getting it right, then don’t give up either start at the beginning with the treat close to their mouths or click here to teach them paw first.

Also make sure that you only train for 5-15 minutes 2-3 times a day and always be calm and never train when frustrated or felling rushed.

Once you have this trick done you can then move onto high 10 and even more advanced dog tricks and start showing how clever your dog is to your friends and family and watch their puzzled faces as all their dog can do is sit and destroy things.