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Pros: Good squeak that dogs love, good price at under £2 each, comes in different sizes so good for all dogs.
Cons: Some dogs can destroy the squeaker easily, Keep play sessions with these to under 15 minutes and they should last longer.

Dogs need to be stimulated on every level from mentally to physically and although sometimes we as humans run out of time this is what normally leads to a destructive dog or one that isn’t as well behaved as the dogs we see glued to their owners feet and wish why can’t ours be like that.

Making sure your dog gets enough physical and mental exercise can be achieved by simply using dog balls and as there are lots on the market, making sure you have the right one will benefit your dog greatly. If your dogs don’t like balls then consider using other toys for dogs.

Depending on the type of dog you have and how they interact with dog balls or dog toys will depend on which style you choose.

Some dogs will happily chase a tennis ball and bring it back to their owners for them to repeat again and again without destroying them. A dog like a retriever will happily do this all day long, yet a Pug may only do this for 5 minutes.

If you have a puppy and they wont fetch any toy then it may just be because you haven’t taught them how to do it.

See my article on Teach your puppy to fetch any object here.

There are however some dogs that simply like to destroy balls so making sure you keep your dog safe from swallowing and choking on them will perhaps need you to select a different dog ball that’s harder and more difficult to damage.

You need to remember that all dogs can destroy toys and so you need to monitor their playtime with the toys in the beginning, however over time you will learn to identify which toys are safer and therefore your able to watch them less.

So if your dog loves to play and you know that they love dog balls then checkout the balls we have reviewed for you below.

Dog Balls Reviewed

There is a massive market for dog balls as they come in all different varieties that range from:

  • Squeaky dog balls
  • Soft rubber dog balls
  • Tennis balls
  • Glow in the dark balls
  • Dog balls with faces on them
  • Flashing dog balls
  • Bouncy balls
  • Balls with holes in them for treats
  • Indestructible dog balls
  • Interactive dog balls
  • Dog ball launcher

If I have missed any dog balls please post a comment below and I will look at adding them.

Squeaky Dog Balls

I love squeaky dog balls, as an owner and a trainer as they have a number of benefits. Not only do the squeaky noise make the dogs love them but simply squeezing them makes your dog take notice.

I used to always relay on dog treats but since using squeaky dog balls its so much easier and the dogs get less treats keeping their weight down but because they are fun they will do anything for them.

Simply using the squeaky balls in short sessions, I will give the dog the ball as a reward and take it from them 1-5 minutes later depending where we are.

I simply use 2-3 different squeaky balls and interchange them so it keeps the dog happy and doesn’t make them bored of the same toy.

Sometimes walking on the park and other dogs were around, Snug used to run over and would try and play and sometimes she wouldn’t come back and it would be a real effort getting her back, even using treats she would be like “there not good enough I’m having fun with these dogs”.

Using squeaky dog balls is so much easier as she wants them and because I’m more fun than other dogs she will happily play with the balls and not the other dogs.


KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls

kong squeaker tennis ballsThese are supposed to be tougher than normal tennis balls, which they are but only slightly. They squeak which is why these are a great dog ball.

We have had the medium Kong tennis ball and also the smaller KONG tennis balls and they are good for the price. You can get 3 for around £5 so around £1.66 each.

We made the mistake of giving Snug the Shug the medium ball for too long and after 4-6 hours playing time over 1 week the squeaker started to come out of the ball. It just needed pushing back in and keeping an eye on it. They do still squeak and although they got absolutely soaked, they are a good fetch toy but should be used in short sessions to make them last longer.

I like the smaller Kong tennis squeak balls, as they are a lot harder to squeak, as you really have to press them in. they are a good size for a small dog but for a large breed dog you would need the bigger size balls.


For the price and the squeak and if used in short sessions I can’t fault these Kong tennis balls. Dogs love them too, which is a good reason to get them and for under £2 is a worthwhile buy.

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Glow Tennis Ball Squeaky Dog Toy

glow tennis ballsWe visited a market and there was a dog stall so we popped in and brought Snug one of these glow tennis balls that squeaked.

It cost us £1.99 and Snug loved it, we gave it to her on a walk and she loved it so much she carried it all the way to the dog park, all the way around the park and all the way home.

She was squeaking it like mad and loved it so much. It’s a good durable ball that is very easy to see in long grass.

It comes in different colours and Amazon have them for around £1.70 so definitely worth trying them for your dogs.

Good bright ball that does it job, dogs love them and for under £2 worth trying.
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Good Boy Latex Face Ball Dog Toy

dog balls with facesDog balls with faces, I came across one of these while on the dog park where a lady was throwing it for her dog and their dog was loving it, that was until Snug decided she wanted to play.

She stole the dog ball, which was a squeaker and kept dropping it at the owner’s feet. The owner kept throwing it for her dog but Snug would chase after it and although she isn’t the fastest dog she normally cries when she can’t catch other dogs but she was getting there first and retrieving it.

After a few times I managed to get her away but she definitely loved it.


Latex ball that’s ideal for small breed dogs, good quality and has a loud squeaker that your dogs will love. Costs around £3.

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Sponge Squeaky Dog Balls

sponge dog ballsWe originally brought one of these, which Snug loved, and she actually found it easy to carry, it was a black and white squeaky sponge ball.

We have now purchased a few more of these, as they are quite good and are good at kicking on the park as they travel quite far. We have a few of the football and we also got one of the rugby dog balls.

Costs around £2 each but you can get sets online with 4 different ones so you have a little more variety.


I like the texture of these and they are pretty easy for dogs to carry as Snug seem to love carrying hers. £2 per ball but these have to be my top pick when it comes to squeaky dog balls.

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