IMG_0240I haven’t posted in a while as I have been doing other projects but I’m hoping to start posting regularly and have some exciting news to share with you. We have a new addition to the family and he is a Pug and we have named him Puck as from the Shakespeare play – midsummer nights dream.

Puck has had a difficult time in his life already, he was only 12 weeks old and yet when we were due to collect him at 10 weeks he had an eye ulcer and he had to have an operation which was a skin graft over the eye, a few days later due to his enormous pug eyes the cover for the eye came off and so he then went through another op to have his 3rd eyelid pulled down, again a few days later and back at the vets, the vet had to cut the 3rd eyelid open as it wasn’t doing the job. We were worried he may lose his eye yet the vet wasn’t giving up and so we had to now take it day by day and hope that nature would cure his eye.IMG_0062

The vet said that Puck the pirate pug as we nicknamed him, his eye was 75% healed and so we spent the next week having to keep a close eye on him and then had to pop in to see the vet so he could monitor it to see if it was healing.

We finally got some good news when we took Puck back to the vets as we were told his cone of shame can come off and that he could have his 2nd injection as the 1st one was just under 4 weeks ago so it means that we can finally take him out in 1 week instead of what we thought was going to be another 4 weeks.

Puppy Vaccinations

Having researched puppy injections quite a bit there are numerous debates on the subject of protecting your puppies from parvovirus and other illnesses, which is quite interesting.IMG_0108

4 weeks is the time to leave before 2nd puppy vaccination at the latest and also your puppy only needs 1 injection it’s just that their is a certain window in which vets like to catch so that the puppy is best protected which is why they give 2 injections so that they can inject the vaccine when the puppy maternal antibodies is low as this is when your puppy will best take on the vaccine and protect them.

Numerous studies have also been done whereas only 1 injection has been given vs. 2 injections and the results were that giving puppy injections once at an older age 12-16 weeks fully protected them yet a group of puppies given two injections at 8-12 weeks old two jabs; they were only protected 96%. There’s still a lot of debate on the vaccine but I for one would happily give 2 injections as long as the puppy is safe.

More Pug Problems…

IMG_0170The day we were supposed to finally take Puck out, we noticed his “good eye” something wasn’t quite right so we rushed him into the vets and were told he had another ulcer. Our vet took him and operated on the eye and then sent him home to us late that evening.

A few days later we knew something was wrong as we took him back in, the vet assessed him and told us the eye pressure was 98, which should have been 18.

He was in a lot of pain as he had Glaucoma – is a disease that is often associated with elevated interocular pressure, in which damage to the eye (optic) nerve can lead to loss of vision and even blindness. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world.

And so the vet operated again and informed us that he may lose the eye, which we were prepared for as he was having so many problems with his eyes, and all we wanted was for Mr Puck to be happy and healthy.

More research online suggests that its more common for Pugs with one eye that two eyes and dog’s can live a great life with only one eye.


IMG_0222Since Puck the pug has had his eye removed, he is now finally happy again, lively and a great joy to have around. He is a very confident puppy and isn’t afraid of much. He likes to sleep and be carried and is great at car journeys.

Snug has also been great accepting Puck, they are best friends and in fact sometimes do our heads in as they like to play, they will probably play all day if we don’t intervene.

Puck has started learning some tricks and is very obedient, in fact he is better at some tricks than our Pugzu Snug the shug. He loves his food but researching it’s a Pug thing! Apparently pugs are never full and will keep eating which are probably why there are quite a few fat pugs out there.

Pug Blind Dog

Because Puck the pug only has one eye and the other is still recovering from the first ulcer he can probably see around 20% but is getting better. Therefore we have had to put bells on Snug and our two cats so that Puck knows they are there.

That’s it for this update but I will be posting more updates and new articles over the coming weeks.