Is your dog taking too much of your valuable time? Have you tried to keep him interested by buying him toys, which don’t seem to attract his attention? Maybe it’s time to look for something new.

The new interactive toys for dogs are made with your dogs in mind. The latest chew, fetch and treat toys are different from older toys and they can keep your dog interested all day long. In the end, you’ll find yourself wondering why your dog prefers the company of the toy, rather than yours.

These interactive dog toys are perfect if you want to leave the dog home alone without wondering if they are going to chew the couch or spread the garbage through your rooms. If you decide to leave the dog alone you can provide them with some entertainment with their new interactive toys. This way the puppy or dog won’t feel bored and it may not even notice that you aren’t at home.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that the toy you are leaving your pet with is safe. The best choice would be a toy made of rubber which the dog can chew for a long time and which will not present a treat or any harm to him. And if you really want to make sure that your dog is properly getting its snacks along with having fun, you can also try the interactive treat toys. Their design allows you to tuck treats inside the toys, which can only come out when your dog nudges, paws, or noses them making sure that your dog is never hungry.

Furthermore, they are not only a great way to entertain your four legged friend while you are away or busy, but they can also contribute to bonding between you and your pup. Once you get your hands on that toy you as well will never want to leave it. These new interactive dog toys can also be very fun for the owners and after acquiring one of these toys you will want to spend more time playing with your dog.

You can forget about regular walking as well. There are different types of interactive fetch toys, which will provide the necessary exercise your dog needs, while at the same time providing more fun for both of you. And if you want to make your exercise funnier you can try the dog bubble toys. Dogs love bubbles, and they adore them if they smell of bacon. These toys are available in different sizes; you can purchase a small one if you want to play together with your dog or a bigger machine, which releases bubbles without your interference.

These are all new types of interactive dog toys and they are spreading like crazy. If you want to have a good time with your dog, or you want your dog to have a good time without you, you should try some of them. I bet you’ll grow to like them and your dog will only benefit from something new, fun and interactive as these toys are.

Here are some of the most popular interactive dog toys on the market today. A good thing about these dog toys is that not matter what size your budget is you can still get one.

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Dog Activity Toy

dog tornado interative dog toyThis interactive dog toy costs around £15 but is a great toy that will keep your dog entertained. You basically hide a treat inside the bones and then your dog has to figure out mentally how to get the treat out by moving the bones. You can make the game easy to begin with and then more advanced if they find it too easy which is a good product to have.

Some dogs figure this out quicker than others but can keep them busy for half an hour easily without losing interest.

It’s a well-made product and can withstand being tossed around; it’s easy to clean as well.
Some users of this interactive dog toy recommend that this toy should only be used under supervision and a good thing is that you have to interact with your dog and encourage them to only use their nose to get the treats out. A good bonding game for both of you that will help them mentally tire.

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Green Mini Slow Dog Feeder

green mini slow dog feederThis is more of a feeding toy than a playing toy but if your dog eats too quick which can be bad for them as it can cause bloat. So making them slow down eating is a good idea.

This costs £19.99 from Amazon and is shaped like a piece of turf. It basically works by having blades of grass and you put food all around it and your dog has to push and slide the food around to eat.
By using the mini slow dog feeder you can help your dog to eat slower, which will ultimately make them happier and cause less problems.

A great buy that’s sturdy, helps fill dogs up by slowing down their eating, however it doesn’t work with dogs with flat snouts so Pugs will struggle to use this.

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Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Activity Toy

interactive dog toysAnother great interactive dog toy that really helps to get the dogs thinking. This toy works by the dog having to dislodge the removable bones, then push the sliding bricks, which will uncover delicious dog treats.

This is a medium skill level and is very hard wearing, contains anti slip feet so it doesn’t slide and it costs around £19.99 from Amazon.

Interactive dog toy reviews are amazing for this product so if you were to choose 1 product to buy I would highly recommend you choose the dog brick game. You can make it easy or hard for your dogs to get the treats and it definitely does tire them out mentally.

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The Talking Babble Ball

talking babble ball dog toyIf your dog loves to chase and batter balls then consider the Interactive talking babble ball, its £9.99 and it will keep your dog happy and will also make you laugh.

Its tough, durable and comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large so that you can get the right one for your dog.

It’s a super sensitive dog toy that makes funny noise like; “Oh, nice doggie!” “Grrrr!” “Oh, you got me!” “Rock N’ Roll big doggie!” “Come here!” “Ouch! Don’t do that!” “Yeah baby!”

Your dog will think this toy is alive which is why they will keep playing with it for ages.

A great and fun interactive dog toy that’s under £10 is a bargain.

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