How To Teach your dog to speak on command is a nice trick to learn and is pretty simple and quick to master. I wish I knew then when we first taught Snug to speak, as it would have been so much simpler. I wanted her to speak but I had no idea how to do it but once I learned what I needed she did it straight away.

When your teaching your dog to speak you can also teach how to make your dog quiet too.

How To Teach Your Dog To SpeakYou only need to work on this trick 5-15 mins 2-3 times a day, short sessions keep it fun and keep working on it for a few days and your dog will soon master another useful dog trick.

Speaking on command can be good if someone is coming near you and you want them away so getting your dog to bark can be a good way to scare them off.

Easy ways to teach your dog to speak on command

Step 1

Uses treats, toys or motivation and understand that you need to get your dog to bark and then you will reward with them with treats or give them the toy they are barking for.

Pick a word you want to use like “Speak” “Talk” “Bark”.

Step 2

Use something your dog likes and will want it bad and you will find they will bark at it. With Snug I used a toy at the beginning and I kept showing it her and making sure she couldn’t get it. This winds them up slightly and 9 out of 10 times they will bark at it because they get excited.

When your dog starts barking because they want the toy, you will need to use the clicker and then reward for the barking.

Step 3

When your dog does the bark reward and repeat the steps a few more times and then start adding a cue so just as there about to speak you can say “Speak” then when they do it use the clicker and reward again.

Repeat this step and remember to ONLY say the command ONCE.

Step 4

Now that your dog can do it on command you can try asking for it without showing them they toy or treats and see if they offer it. If they don’t go back a step and use the toys or treats to get them excited.

Congratulations your dog can now speak on command.

Extra Information

Gradually lower the rewards so that your dog will bark on command and they only gets praise.

Be patient with all dog training and be consistent sometimes training a trick can take weeks. If your dog isn’t getting the hang of it, take a rest and resume another day or time.