If you have ever seen this dog trick and have wondered how it is done then keep reading, as I’m about to show you how to teach a dog to roll over in just 5 easy steps.

If your dog likes to show his belly and enjoys it being rubbed then it will be much easier as some dogs don’t like being on their backs as it can indicate submission.

A few things that you will need before you begin to get your dog to roll over:

  • Treats – use your dog’s currency such as cheese, turkey, toys or praise.
  • Clicker – if you don’t know what this is then see my clicker-training article.
  • Soft area – carpet, grass or a matt so that your dog finds rolling over comfortable. The softer the surface the more likely your dog will succeed.

Your dog must also know “how to lie down” but don’t worry if they don’t as you can teach them in just a few minutes by viewing “teach a dog to lie down” article and video here.

So now you have the basics you are finally ready to teach a dog to roll over. Some dogs learn faster than others so be prepared to take a break if your dog isn’t getting it the first time and resume at a later stage. 5-15 minute short sessions 2-3 times a day are more than enough.

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over In 5 Steps!

Do not use any commands at first – simply practice the moves first!

  1. Get your clicker and treats ready, but make sure you dog really wants the treats, the more tastier the treats the more the dog will do what you ask of them.
  2. Start by getting your dog into the lie down position.
  3. When your dog is lying down with their head forward, show them the treat and keep it close to their nose and gradually move it to their shoulders so they start following the treat, this should make them roll slightly onto their sides.
  4. Praise when they are on their side and give them the reward. You can keep repeating this a few times so they become familiar with going onto their sides.
  5. Now instead of just getting them on their sides, keep moving the treats so that they have to finally roll onto their backs. As earlier stated the tastier the treats the more likely they will follow. You can either praise and treat for getting them on their backs or you can keep moving the treats so that they do a full roll over and return back to the start position.

Praise and reward your puppy or dog and when they have done their first full roll over, give them lots and lots of praise and a big reward. This will help to build a stronger relationship and help your dog to trust you more.

Tips When Teaching The Roll Over Trick

Sometimes when the dog is on their backs they may go back the same way they came. Don’t reward just repeat the steps.

Also when on their backs they may just stand up, jump, or maybe just do nothing. Again repeat the steps above.

If your dog is struggling ask yourself why? Are the treats good enough? Is the floor comfortable? Are you following the steps? Our Snug will roll on most surfaces but grass and carpet are the easiest for her and if the floor is too hard she won’t even bother.

Start by doing the tricks in small steps if your struggling, you can start with head turns, rolling slightly and so on until your dog can finally roll over in one move.

Once your dog is starting to roll over then you can start adding the command “roll” or “roll over” and use a hand signal.

Once your dog is rolling over like a pro then consider adding extra rollovers, giving them less treats and only rewarding for every 2 or 3 successful rolls.

This is a great trick and worth practicing often. It looks good and really does help to build better relationships with dogs. The dogs enjoy it too and all the extra attention when preforming for other people.

If your dog can roll over please post your comments below and state what breed and size they are, as it would be interested to see all different dogs do the roll over trick.