I recently wrote an article on squeaky dog toys and how you either love them or hate them. Well if you’re the one who hates squeaky toys then we have got the perfect solution for you.

Someone has gone and brought us a new squeaky dog toy that squeaks but you can’t hear it, only the dog’s can hear it squeak. So no more getting annoyed at your dogs from squeaking their toys in the middle of the night and waking you up.

These Hear Doggy toys are what you need.

It works by a higher frequency that only dogs can hear (0-45 KHz) whereby us measly humans hear in the range of (0-20 KHz).

The dogs still get all the fun and same sensations from a squeaky dog toy but without you hearing it all day long.

The company who makes these is “Hear Doggy” and although these are not the cheapest dog toys on the market they are definitely worth trying starting at £10. I like to think its worth getting if it can keep your dog entertained and not destroying your home while your busy.

Take a look below and see the Hear doggy toys I have put together. I would recommend only buying these if you know your dog wouldn’t destroy in minutes.

Some dog toys seem to be more compatible with some dogs and yet other dogs will destroy in minutes. You should hopefully have a general idea if it will last on not.

Hear Doggy Dog Toys


Woody The Beaver Dog Toy

beaver dog toy hear doggyThis one is a nice plush dog toy that is also suitable for all dogs but as stated earlier if your dog destroys these types of toys then consider a different toy.

No messy stuffing in the body and is a high quality soft toy that your dog will love.

Woody the beaver costs just under £10, which is a good starting point so you can try it first and if they love it and don’t destroy it you can then consider other models.

Amazon have it for £9.49 so get yours today by clicking here and see the other reviews they have.

Danny Deer Dog Toydanny dear hear doggy toy

This is a fun and high quality soft toy that squeaks but only your dog can hear it. It’s again a plush dog toy that’s made with durable construction, which allows your dog to pull and tug without destroying it so easily.

It costs around £10 so again a good buy and a try for your beloved pet dog.

Click here to check it out on Amazon and see what other users of this toy also think.


Hear Doggy – Set of 3 Dog Toys

hear doggy 3 toysI always like a bargain and so this will save you over £10 as each individual toy costs around £20 each so buying them in this 3 pack is a good buy.

If you rotate the toys there is also less chance of your dog destroying them so quickly.

You get 3 small toys – Blow fish, Whale and a Penguin.

All toys are made from extra tough materials and double stitched seems so its harder to destroy.

Click here to see the reviews on Amazon and get a bargain by buying all 3 Hear Doggy Toys.