If you love playing with your dog while at the Dog Park but are bored of just chucking the tennis ball and want something a little more exciting then consider a dog Frisbee. They are fun and will entertain and tire your dog out more easily which is why I have listed 4 dog frisbee reviews below that I have fully tested.

dog frisbee reviewsNot only are dog Frisbees fun for you but also your dog will love them just as much as you will. Not only that but you can get more exercise when you use Frisbees instead of just a ball. If you throw a Frisbee for your dog while he fetches that one you can throw another one and chase it yourself.
You may look a little crazy but hey it’s fun right?
Dog Frisbee is also great for when there are 2 people or more as you can play doggy in the middle. Its so much more entertaining than a ball and as there are more than 1 variety of Frisbees you wont get bored with the same one as they all fly differently.

Below are some Frisbees that Snug and I have tested and really put through their paces. There are also videos so you can see them in action. If you like any of the Frisbees and want to buy them then click on the images or the next to the products.

Dog Frisbee Reviews


small dog frisbeeHappy Pet – Hooplahoop Dog Throw & Fetch Toy – Small


The 1st Frisbee is actually one we found while at the dog park and we still have it months later. It’s a small Frisbee but is really tough and durable and comes in different colours.


  • Small – easily fits in your pocket so you always have it on hand. Dogs can see where they are going when they are carrying it.
  • Cheap – cost between £2-£3 Amazon have them at £2.98 and worth getting one.
  • Durable – I’ve played with it on all surfaces and its still in great condition, its been skimmed on roads, dirt, grass and concrete and no signs of needing replacing.
  • Easy to carry – your dog won’t have a problem carrying it but dropping may be harder as they will love this Frisbee.


  • Small – the only con I could think of is its small so at nighttime and in grass it can be hard to see. We lost ours the other night and we had a light trying to find it, just as we were about to give up we spotted it. Phew! That’s the only problem but great if you keep an eye on where you are throwing it.

Not sure if this is a con as we only have a small dog but it doesn’t throw quite far. I have managed to throw it from one side of a football pitch to another side and it does roll very well so I’m happy with the distance.

If you would like to check out this dog Frisbee then click here for Amazon who has it on sale at £2.98.


Dog Life Pet Toy – Fun ‘Vynum’ Ring Flyer – for Fetch Throw



large dog frisbee


This is exactly the same Frisbee as the one above but its larger so you shouldn’t have any problems trying to find it in the dark or grass and it will throw a little bit further.

This costs £3.99 so if you have a big dog then consider getting this dog Frisbee instead of the smaller model above.

Click here to view the large dog Frisbee on Amazon.


Company Of Animals Dog Toy Fantasy Flyer


fantasy flyer dog frisbee toyThis was my 1st Frisbee that cost more than £5.00 and I was not sure what to expect at first but it’s a really good Frisbee that fly’s well but amazing when the wind catches it.

Looks really good in the air and is very good for rolling which seems to get good distance on it. It’s quite heavy so if it were to hit someone it’s going to hurt.


  • Durable – its very tough even on concrete only a few scratches but nothing major – the bit underneath has come off a few times when hitting the concrete hard but I’ve attached it back and its perfect again. It really is sturdy and will last
  • Easy To Carry – Even Snug the shug can carry this and she’s just a small dog.
  • Good Flight – it flies very well when the wind gets hold of it and you should be carful when near people as its quite heavy so best to avoid hitting some passerby.
  • Reasonable Price – between £6-£8 depending on where the sales are. I got mine on eBay for £5.99 but not including postage but Amazon does have it for £7.14 with free delivery.
  • Floats – does float on water so if you live near the water then great as it won’t sink.
  • Easy to catch – dog can catch this in their mouths easily.


  • The only think I can think of would be that it doesn’t fit in my coat pocket so you do have to carry it with you and when walking the dog, our Snug goes mental at the sight of the fantasy flyer Frisbee which is why I like to keep it away.

This is one of my favorite Frisbees and looks really good when its in the air, I like to roll it as it reaches good coverage and Snug seems to want to chase it more when it rolls.

If you want to see what other people think of this too then check it out on Amazon or click here to get straight to the product and other reviews.


Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disc


dogobie flying disk frisbeeI purchased this flying dog disc recently thinking it would be amazing but it’s not what I thought it would be but it’s actually a great dog Frisbee so I’m happy and Snug loves it too.

It costs £6 and I probably didn’t read the full product details as when it came in the post I was expecting it to be a little bigger but its actually quite small 8” in fact.

The material is rubber and soft and it can fit in half, so I can fit it in my pocket, which is a big, plus for me.

It’s easy to carry and right from the go Snug loves it and even carried it on the walk to the park.


  • Easy to carry – fits in dogs mouth and she can pick it up easily.
  • Cost – £6 although not the cheapest it fly’s well and can be folded in half and kept inside pocket.
  • Durable – This is a soft rubber material that’s good on your dog’s mouth and teeth. It’s also flexible so it will be hard for your dog to destroy it in seconds like most plastic dog toys.
  • Lightweight – it’s surprising how light it is and it’s easy to throw even if you suffer with back problems.
  • Colours – comes in blue and bright yellow so it’s easy to see. We picked the yellow one and it’s bright so I definitely wont lose this one at night or in long grass.
  • Fly’s well – The 1st few throws it kept going right but I was throwing it too high. If you keep it low and flick your wrist it actually fly’s great and goes pretty far.


  • Gets very dirty – after one session it was absolutely covered in mud so expect to get dirty hands when using it. I wash it after every use and it comes up new again.
  • Good throwing technique – I found it best when keeping it low it would go further, throw it anyway and you will find you have problems like I did when we first got this.

Having taken it out and realized it was smaller than I expected, I actually prefer this Frisbee over the others now as it’s easy to carry, lightweight and fly’s better than the other dog Frisbees.

I would definitely say add this to your dog collection. Click here to buy it from Amazon Today!