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Easy Ways To Stop Dogs Barking And Lunging When On Leash

Recently while out walking Snug I have been a little embarrassed as Snug has suddenly started barking at other dogs while on the leash. She is also trying to lunge to get across the road to the other dogs. This doesn’t look good and Snug will usually

Puppy Separation Anxiety Tips To Beat It

One of the problems with raising a puppy is that nine times out of ten they will get puppy separation anxiety which basically means they don’t like being left alone and will likely cause problems. Problems like digging, chewing, scratching & going toilet inside your home. Some

Dog Refuses To Walk

If your having problems with your dog or puppy on walks or they are being stubborn and just don’t want to go on walks and you don’t want to drag them as you feel that’s just cruel then here are a few suggestions that may help. First

Stop Dogs Jumping Up – Period!

If you’re looking to stop your puppy or dogs from jumping up on people then it’s pretty easy to do but it does require practice and time. It wont be solved in one go but if your persistent you will end up with a well behaved dog.

Long Dog Training Lead – Improve Recall

Isn’t it kind of funny when you see other dogs not obeying their owners, you’ve probably laughed with them when there chasing their dogs or asking for a recall. It can be frustrating to say the least when you dog just plain sucks at recall. It’s not

Puppy Biting – Manage The Mouthing

How to stop puppy biting is among the top complaints from new puppy owners and knowing how to stop it from happening before it escalates is quite easy if you are willing to be consistent. Never shout at the puppy if it bites you, as it’s not

Clicker Training For Dogs

If you want to teach your dog good behaviors or fancy tricks then using clicker training for your dogs is the fastest way to get them to learn and boy do they learn quick. Here is a video teaching basic clicker training for dogs.     Clicker

Crate Training & The Benefits

If you want to train your puppy to stop going to the toilet in your home then keep reading as investing in a crate will be the smartest decision you can make for your new puppy. There are a number of benefits to crate training so keep

Puppy Party – Socializing

We never even heard of a puppy party before we got our puppy but we are glad we went to one. If you don’t know what a puppy party is then it’s basically like the title says a party for your dogs. They get to meet other

“Here Boy, Fenton! Fennnnntonnnnn!”

This is one of the most funniest dog clips I’ve seen in a while and you have to feel for the man but how would you feel if this is your dog? Anything bad could have happened & the dog could have been killed. What if the