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The Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Dog Beds

If your looking for dog beds then don’t just consider cheap dog beds as your likely to end up getting one and then a few weeks later it will need to be replaced because its not actually that good and so therefore it will end up costing

Dog Alpha Roll – Right Or Wrong?

If you don’t know what the dog alpha roll is then basically its submissively rolling your dog onto his or her side and holding them down either with your hands or fingers in their throat. There is a lot of controversy on the alpha roll, which is

Pooper Scooper Products – Clean Up After Your Dogs

One of the most annoying things in life has got to be doo poo left on the ground, not only is it disgusting but it smells and if a small child were to fall in it then it can do serious damage to their eyesight. Just use

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Plain and simple answer is because its very tasty for them and it seems to be like a delicacy for them however it’s not good for them so why do dogs eat cat poop and what can we do about it? There is a word for dogs

Dog Car Seat Covers – Bargain Solutions

If your like us we normally take Snug everywhere we go and have a decent car that we intend to sell on so we need to keep the back clean and tidy which is why we use dog car seat covers. If you search anywhere online you

Dog Barrier – Keep Puppy Safe

When we got our little puppy Snug we needed to keep her close and keep our eyes on her all times and as we also have 2 cats we needed her to not chase after them so much. In order to do both we had to invest

Dog Car Harness – Keep You And Your Pets Safe

When we first got Snug we would take her in the car without a dog seatbelt and it was a nightmare. We use to sit her on the passengers lap and as she was a puppy she wouldn’t quite sit nicely and so it would be a

Safety When Walking Dogs Alone

If you’re like my wife Kate who has a tough job walking our little dog alone in the morning when its pitch black outside, we live in a dodgy area where there are lots of groups, drunks and crazy people even at 5am, its not a nice