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We live in an apartment 2 floors up and I (Andy) always knew having a dog would not be good for us but my wife (Kate) decided anyway that she wanted a dog and after months of her saying she wanted one and the fact that every time we were out she would scream at the sight of a dog and then run up to them.

I nearly crashed the car a few times because of her screaming. She still loves all dogs but only Pugs and Bulldogs gets the screams nowadays since having SnugtheShug.

I said she could have a puppy but only if she were to pay for it herself. (Yes I’m also tight) I knew that money was tight and she couldn’t afford it but she went to her dad and he said he would lend her the money which she did have coming in over the summer months. Doh! My plan backfired but I’m glad it did as we now have a lovely shugg (Cross-Pug-Shih Tzu or Pug-Zu) named Snug.

Snug The Shug

I didn’t realize but once I said yes, she then came out with that she had already booked to see the dogs on the Saturday afternoon after I finished work. In my heart I still didn’t want one as I hadn’t done much research and I’m the type of person who will research everything but by then it was pretty late so I just went along with her.

We went to visit the lovely owners who have been breeding dogs all their lives and they told us that their were 2 shugs in the litter and they didn’t realize until they brought the mom in that she was pregnant. They also had some pugs and told us that they wished they bred small dogs instead of bigger dogs, as they were more fun.

We were told that there was only 1 puppy left and it was the one my wife wanted anyway so she was very happy. The 2 puppies were playing in their little pen but the other was being quite aggressive to her (Snug) and also snug was the smallest one so I guess she was the runt of the litter. We decided to say yes and ended up taking her home with us that afternoon.

Before we got there we went to pets at home and purchased things we needed as it was short notice and probably cost us a few hundred pounds more than if ordering on the net.

Here are the items we bought for our puppy:

• Dog Crate – We bought a travel crate and if we know now we would have gone straight for the metal crate as when we left her in the beginning she was chewing it trying to get out.
• Food Bowls – 2 standard bowls although Kate wanted to have princess ones but I said no chance.
• Dog Bed – We have had a few different ones but we settled on a memory foam mattress for her. We don’t even have memory foam – already spoilt. Lol.
• Dog Toys – few small ones but we have now learned which ones she likes better.
• Lead – we originally bought a small one, and then switched to a long one but now back with a small one again, which also helps with heel walking.
• Collar – we actually bought this on the way home, as we didn’t know the size we needed.
• Puppy pads – we live in an apartment so potty breaks were difficult and the fact she hadn’t had her puppy injections so we couldn’t take her outside for the 1st few weeks.Snug The Shug Relaxing

If we knew ahead of time we could have saved so much money and not wasted time and learned a little more so that when we did get the puppy we would be prepared.

This is why researching a puppy is so important and shouldn’t be fobbed off. Knowing what you need and how hard it is in raising a puppy will definitely help. I knew nothing although my wife said she knew it would be hard, nice of her to let me know or maybe she did tell me but I’m a man and rarely listen. Lol.

We got snug at 7 weeks old (too early I know) & she is over 6 months old and I have learned a great deal and also trained her to do many tricks and now with this blog I’m going to write and post articles, videos and more on raising our amazing puppy.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have please do get it touch.

Snug is also on Facebook and YouTube so do check her out there as well.