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Doodle for Dogs Review

I was given the opportunity to review doddle for dogs and was happy to put it through its paces and give my honest feedback about the product. Doddle for dogs is a collar with a built in lead, so by combining both the collar and lead it

Puck The Pirate Pug

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been doing other projects but I’m hoping to start posting regularly and have some exciting news to share with you. We have a new addition to the family and he is a Pug and we have named him

Easy Ways To Stop Dogs Barking And Lunging When On Leash

Recently while out walking Snug I have been a little embarrassed as Snug has suddenly started barking at other dogs while on the leash. She is also trying to lunge to get across the road to the other dogs. This doesn’t look good and Snug will usually

Squeaky Dog Balls Reviewed!

Dogs need to be stimulated on every level from mentally to physically and although sometimes we as humans run out of time this is what normally leads to a destructive dog or one that isn’t as well behaved as the dogs we see glued to their owners

Teach Puppy To High Five

This post and video follows on from the last one where I showed you how to teach your puppy to give paw. If you managed to teach your dog to give paw then this trick teach puppy to high five is even more impressive and you can

2 Easy Ways To Teach Your Dog To Give Paw

If you want a well behaved dog and not a dog that begs for food then teach them different tricks and always make sure they wait before you feed them, so teach your dog to give paw and it not only teaches your dog to wait but

Fun Interactive Dog Toys

Is your dog taking too much of your valuable time? Have you tried to keep him interested by buying him toys, which don’t seem to attract his attention? Maybe it’s time to look for something new. The new interactive toys for dogs are made with your dogs

The Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Dog Beds

If your looking for dog beds then don’t just consider cheap dog beds as your likely to end up getting one and then a few weeks later it will need to be replaced because its not actually that good and so therefore it will end up costing

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

If you have ever seen this dog trick and have wondered how it is done then keep reading, as I’m about to show you how to teach a dog to roll over in just 5 easy steps. If your dog likes to show his belly and enjoys

Hear Doggy Dog Toys – Squeaky Without The Noise

I recently wrote an article on squeaky dog toys and how you either love them or hate them. Well if you’re the one who hates squeaky toys then we have got the perfect solution for you. Someone has gone and brought us a new squeaky dog toy